Purpose of this site.
Recommendation letters
Arranging meetings
Working with my group

Purpose of this site
This site contains various readings, videos and papers I have made or collected over the years. There are three podcast series:

  • Guidance for studying for the General 1 Physics Graduate Exam at MIT
  • Organizational tips for academics.
  • Some guidance on an academic career
  • In addition, there are various other things I have found interesting. Click the links on the menu bar above to see.

    Letters of Recommendation

    If you would like me to write you a letter of recommendation, please e-mail the following things at least three weeks before the due date:

    • Resume or CV
    • Personal statement or research interests
    • Complete contact information of the person or institution you would like me to write to.  Be sure to include the due date of the letter.
    • If you are using a web based application system, please fill in my contact information as much as possible on the page.

    I cannot promise I will be able to write a letter for you, but asking well in advance increases the likelihood I will be able to. I will let you know immediately if it is possible for me to write you a letter.

    Arranging meetings

    If you would like me to attend a meeting, please contact Randyn Miller (randyn@mit.edu) with date, time, agenda, etc.  She has access to my calendar and will be able to tell you if there is a conflict.

    Working with my group

    We are always looking for good people, so please contact me if you would like to work with us.  Right now, I have all the UROP and graduate students I can handle, but we have a large group and I am happy to put you in touch with others who may have openings.  Please send resume or a CV, along with a brief statement about what you are interested in doing and what you goals (senior thesis, summer UROP, etc.) are.

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